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I was dressed like a Cowboy (which is another story) but I looked awesome (you can ask Matt Wilson). Our studio session had wrapped and my wife was just pulling in the driveway from work. I jumped into her car and said “Let’s go to the liquor store!” She said, “You look ridiculous.” (which we’ve already established is false; I looked BADASS - like Rip Torn in the movie “Songwriter”). As we pull out of our compound I see, standing in a restaurant parking lot across the street, Valient Thorr! I say to my wife, “Stop the car, that’s Valient Thorr!” “What?”, my wife appropriately replied, “that’s not Valient Thorr”. “Yes it is, stop the car, that’s Valient Thorr!” I insist. She pulls over and I jump out, heading for Valient Thorr. (I’ve been a “Thorrior” since the 2011 High Times Doobie Awards - yet another story - but I’ve never met the band). What I don’t know is that as we were pulling over two cars collided violently about a block west down 2nd street. So as I approach I appear to be some crazy cowboy fleeing a wreck! I introduce myself to a very startled man who turns out to actually be Valient Himself! (Once he realizes I wasn’t fleeing a crime scene and looking for hostages, he warms up a bit.) I told him I’m a fan and that my studio is right across the street. “How long are you in town, let’s work on something?!” I said. I gave him my card, jumped back in our car and off we went. (My wife is well used to this kind of behavior from me by now) Later that evening I missed a call. But I got a voicemail: February 12, 2018 9:04pm “David, it’s 9 o’clock, this is Valient himself, I got my band ready, we’re gonna put down 2 tracks, we are ready to come in there. Come Late Night! We need gear and beers and a hundred dollars up front for me. Call me back [recites phone number], I’m ready to lay it down, call us all night long, but you better hurry up, time’s a tickin’.” Of course I called right back! Hilarious message (and of course he was kidding about the hundred bucks). It turns out he’d like to use this chance encounter as an opportunity to get in the studio with his old friends from The Riverboat Gamblers and Band Of Horses. They came in and killed two covers - one MC5 tune and a Roky Erickson classic. It was magic. I’m sharing this story because it reinforces the fact that Art requires both spontaneity and the willingness to make a fool of oneself. In this instance, I was willing to make a fool of myself and Valient was willing to be spontaneous. So be willing to make a fool of yourself and stay open to the spontaneous - wonderful things will happen…..or you’ll just make a fool of yourself, but that’s hardly anything to stop us from dreaming. - David Messier


Killer session with @valient_himself and some of his Riverboat Gambler friends! @ianbrentmacdougall @ianmwalling #valientthorr #valienthimself #riverboatgamblers #spontaneousadventures #austinmusic #studiolife #sameskyproductions

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