Creating an Environment Where Art Thrives


Same Sky Productions is a recording studio in Austin, TX that creates an environment where art thrives. Our team has been recording music since the turn of the century using top-of-the-line gear and creative energy at every stage of the recording process to "let it be new."


Come in with a single part, lyrics, or even just an idea and we’ll collaborate with you to turn it into a fully fleshed out, produced song.


Have the parts but just need the recording expertise, gear, and/or studio? We’ll help you find your perfect sound and record a killer performance.


We can give your home recorded tracks that studio sound. Just send us your tracks for a professional, polished mix.


Our 3,000 sq ft facility is perfect for hosting events. From album releases, art installations, gear & software demos, even pig roasts!


Take a look inside our facilities and get a feel for our creative space. You’ll see the gear, the studio, and of course…. the shoes. Check it out and imagine cutting your next record at Same Sky Productions.



Same Sky Productions is a recording studio in Austin, Texas, providing premium production services for artists, bands, singer-songwriters and media companies.

We are a laid-back bunch who are dedicated to making the most of your studio time and crafting the best possible sound for you. Above all, we value the experience of making music and want you to be proud of the product you leave with.

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Pearl Jam’s “Ten”: A Listening Experience with Mix Engineer Tim Palmer

March 21, 2023

If you’re a music lover, you’re probably used to the modern world of streaming, playlists and the solo listening experience of that comes with ear buds. But even in 2023, there’s something magical about the experience of listening to an…

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Weezer’s “Blue Album”: A Listening Experience with Legendary Engineer Chris Shaw

June 3, 2022

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, our team at Same Sky Productions held our first big event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And you know what… It was pretty cool. It was a first for us. A “Listening Experience”…

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Our Response to COVID-19

February 9, 2022

PLEASE READ THESE GUIDELINES BEFORE YOUR SESSION (Updated as of 2/9/2022) COVID-19 Guidelines: When you arrive for your session, please visit the front desk where you will have your temperature taken and be asked to fill out an intake form.…

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